Interesting door mat

Types of Door Mats Best Suited for Your Small Home

When it comes to decorating, most people think of the major things – what colour paint you’re going to choose, or how the furniture needs to match the carpets. But it’s the little things that tie everything together, and one of these little things everyone forgets are entrance mats. It’s important to have an entrance mat that’s practical and actually does its job – after all, no matter how beautiful it is, if it doesn’t work, the rest of your house may end up filthy. This doesn’t mean you have to have one of the traditional large brown wire coil…

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Spawn an engaging office space when you’re working to a budget

How can we make office spaces seem engaging without investing a fortune in furniture and additional accessories? Can businesses save money and still make their office look like a million dollars? Fortunately, yes. There are endless ways of spicing things up and revamping an office on a budget. Here are some ideas you may want to take into consideration. Assess available space Prior to investing in office furniture, take a look at the space you have available. Does it need repainting or any other fixes? If you’re planning on staying in that space for a while, you may have to…

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The lighter shade of grey from HGTV

2015 Home Color Trends

You may feel stuck in a rut with your current home décor. If you are intimidated by the overwhelming sea of DIY projects, never fear there are many small changes you can make to completely transform your living space, and new paint colors could be the perfect starting point. For a long time, dark browns and blacks have dominated neutral décor. Now the tide is turning, and we are seeing a resurgence of “calm” along with bright and bold accents. If you are looking to update your design scheme for 2015, the following color trends will guide you in the…

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Adding a little “sunshine” into your home with a solarium.

Times have changed, global concern for sustainability is on the rise and, as a result, construction materials such as plastic, glass and wood that are used to create solariums are considerably more affordable, durable and environmentally-friendly than they used to be. Homeowners are seeing the benefits to adding more “sunny” areas to their homes for relaxing during the long winter months and for reselling purposes. Make no mistake adding a solarium is a huge project that involves  creating a solid foundation and building upwards, but the rewards far outweigh the costs and labour involved. If you think your family would…

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How to Create Your Ideal Relaxing Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – a place to escape and unwind at the end of a long, hectic day, so it’s worth putting a little extra time and thought into creating the most relaxing space possible. No matter what size or shape your room, here are a few interior design tips to help you create your ideal relaxing bedroom.   (source: Apartment Therapy)  Cosy or Airy? The first thing to consider is what you want the overall aesthetic of your bedroom to be. The key to deciding this is to think of a space that you find relaxing and…

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HomeSpirations - Kitchen Decor Black and White

Kitchen décor – A few tips to make your kitchen stand out

How can we make our kitchens standout without investing a fortune? In today’s tough economic times, very few homeowners can afford to pay thousands of dollars on a complete kitchen makeover. The good news is you don’t need a lot of money to bring your cooking space to life. There are lots of do it yourself (DIY) ideas and affordable online tutorials everyone can use to make their kitchens standout. Here are some suggestions: Go simple – keep it black and white Black and white in the kitchen is an excellent way of adding some minimalism into your cooking space.…

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Sinclair Home Staging Homespirations

Improving a front entrance provides a great first impression of your home.

Hello everyone.  I hope you have enjoyed this past labour day weekend.  I spent mine working on a small home project that I had been wanting to accomplish for quite some time. As you can imagine, I spend a great deal of time designing other peoples spaces that I often do not get much time to tackle my own.  A long weekend is always a good time to create small design projects or complete home maintenance tasks because not only will you have the time to complete the project, there are always special deals and discounts being offered from local…

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