Is It Time To Call In the Exterior Designer?

{{unknown}}Have you noticed that the majority of décor posts concentrate on the interior of the property? Isn’t it just as important that the exterior gives a great first impression? During the day and at night? You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover as the saying goes, but most of us do it anyways. You could have a stunning interior, but if your driveway’s full of cracked Tarmac and there’s paint peeling off your windows, visitors and potential house buyers won’t be impressed. Stand Back Stand at the entrance to your property and take it all in. What do you…

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Warm Winter design tips: Spruce up your Home Ready for the Colder Months

{{unknown}}With the long, dark nights and bitterly cold mornings, it is safe to say that winter is finally upon us. Christmas cards and decorations have already started appearing in shops and it won’t be long until the television is consumed by Christmas advertisements and seasonal films. When the air is freezing and the ground is slippery, there’s nothing better than hiding away inside a warm, comfortable living room with a hot mug of cocoa and a good pair of slippers. Make sure your home is prepared for the cold season with these top tips: Make sure your home is prepared…

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What is your backyard personality going to be for 2015?

As I sit here watching the beauty of a fall morning unfold before my eyes I am reminded that I should work outside  today because there are not many days left to enjoy the breathtaking view from my backyard. I decided to read an email sent by Catlin Sachs over at DesignsByStonescapes.com and find it ironic that the subject just happens to be about backyard designs. Intrigued, I decide to investigate. Caitlin invited all of HomeSpirations subscribers to take part in a “backyard personality” quiz and I thought, “How fun and creative this is,” so I decided to do it.…

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Deciding Between a Traditional and Contemporary Bathroom

{{unknown}}When remodeling your bathroom, one of the biggest choices you have to make is whether you want the feel to be traditional or contemporary. While it’s not necessarily something everyone considers from the start of the design process, it’s really important to choose a style, otherwise your bathroom could end up looking confused or cluttered. Both contemporary and traditional bathroom styles can look absolutely stunning, so you don’t want to rush into the decision and wish you went the other way. There are many factors to take into consideration, such as the style and décor of the rest of your…

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Three Rooms in Your Home That Are Crying out for a Fish Tank

{{unknown}}You might have always wanted to have an aquarium at home but never had the imagination to be able to see where one would work best. Most people put their aquariums in their dining rooms, but this is the easy option, and there are far more original, innovative places where you could place a fish tank that would really help to finish the room off and make it something special. If you’re struggling to come up with original ideas, don’t worry; we’ve come up with our three favorite rooms to put your aquarium in. The Bathroom: Enhancing the Natural, Aquatic…

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Halloween Decor

Halloween is an expression of design and decor creativity.

Ever since I was a little girl Halloween has been one of my favourite holidays. I just love to see what exciting costumes people can come up with and I suppose that is why I  love Cosplay designs. It truly fascinates how much time, effort and creativity is put into making animated characters like Disney’s Maleficent come to life. Cosplay designs are handcrafted, can take months to create and are often crafted for the sole purpose of winning coveted COSPLAY honors and awards, for the rest of us there is Halloween and it all begins with your home decor. Halloween decor…

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Great tips that can make furniture insights process easier

Are you unhappy with some of the furniture around your house? Are there chairs that are uncomfortable, a sofa that you no longer like or a table that just doesn’t fit well with the rest of the room? If you are considering buying some furniture, here are a few tips and insights. Check the wood Whenever you are buying wood furniture, make sure to look beyond the surface. Check the underside of a table or desk. Look inside bureau drawers. Examine the fittings and joinery. This will give you a much better feeling for the quality of the item, and…

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