Get a new look for your kitchen with a very small budget

If you’re longing to redo your kitchen, but don’t have the budget for a major remodel, don’t worry there are ways that you can get a new look for this room without spending a fortune. A little imagination and hard work can liven up a dated kitchen, giving you a bright new look with minimal expense. Here are some ideas for redecorating your kitchen on a small budget. Here are some ideas for redecorating your kitchen on a small budget. Paint This is a fast and inexpensive way to update the look of your kitchen. You can paint the walls…

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HomeSpirations - door mats

Best entrance door mats that look gorgeous and cordially welcome your guests

Entrance door mats are essential to every home. These practical décor items are the first thing guests see before entering a residence. The right type of doormat is not just meant to compliment the general appearance of your house, but also protects the flooring and your loved ones from unhealthy dirt and germs. These gorgeously-looking door mats will surely make your guests feel well-received. Let’s check them out. Let’s check them out. Coir doormat with stripes and shades of green This beautifully-stripped doormat works wonderfully with the surrounding plants. You can immediately notice that the homeowner is fond of nature and…

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Light up your Thanksgiving holiday with a romantic glow

{{unknown}}The deep rich reds and oranges of fall create the mood for Thanksgiving and seems to tell the story of days when life was simpler and more romantic. It was then the haunting glow of candles set the stage for a nightly family dinner and holiday celebrations included elaborate table settings and bold centerpieces. Via Craftberrybush In some ways, we celebrate Thanksgiving and other holidays not only to keep the historical traditions alive, but because they provide us with opportunities to relive the mystery and romance of the time period. Our lives are simply too hectic to afford to relish in…

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HomeSpirations _ Historic Bedroom Decor

Your bedroom through the ages: taking inspiration from historical movements for unique interiors

{{unknown}}Feeling a little tired of your bedroom decor? Need to shake things up a bit and inject a little excitement? Looking to the past for inspiration in your sleeping quarters is the perfect way of freshening up an interior with unique historical detailing. So where do we start? History is a big place! Let’s break it down into more manageable proportions… Via Decor Pad Greek glamour Grab yourself a little Greek glamour in the boudoir by choosing natural materials that pulse with style. Stone floors in limestone or marble and mosaic tiles were a popular feature of Greek interiors, as…

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Is It Time To Call In the Exterior Designer?

{{unknown}}Have you noticed that the majority of décor posts concentrate on the interior of the property? Isn’t it just as important that the exterior gives a great first impression? During the day and at night? You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover as the saying goes, but most of us do it anyways. You could have a stunning interior, but if your driveway’s full of cracked Tarmac and there’s paint peeling off your windows, visitors and potential house buyers won’t be impressed. Stand Back Stand at the entrance to your property and take it all in. What do you…

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Warm Winter design tips: Spruce up your Home Ready for the Colder Months

{{unknown}}With the long, dark nights and bitterly cold mornings, it is safe to say that winter is finally upon us. Christmas cards and decorations have already started appearing in shops and it won’t be long until the television is consumed by Christmas advertisements and seasonal films. When the air is freezing and the ground is slippery, there’s nothing better than hiding away inside a warm, comfortable living room with a hot mug of cocoa and a good pair of slippers. Make sure your home is prepared for the cold season with these top tips: Make sure your home is prepared…

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What is your backyard personality going to be for 2015?

As I sit here watching the beauty of a fall morning unfold before my eyes I am reminded that I should work outside  today because there are not many days left to enjoy the breathtaking view from my backyard. I decided to read an email sent by Catlin Sachs over at DesignsByStonescapes.com and find it ironic that the subject just happens to be about backyard designs. Intrigued, I decide to investigate. Caitlin invited all of HomeSpirations subscribers to take part in a “backyard personality” quiz and I thought, “How fun and creative this is,” so I decided to do it.…

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